Thursday, May 12, 2011

Osama bin Laden and Pornography

The military raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound and the gruesomeness of the shooting was beamed down live to Obama and Hillary as they sat in the War Room at the White House. All the details include the pictures of a dead Osama bin Laden. Evidently, in keeping with the Muslim tradition of being buried within 24 hours of death, bin Laden’s body was dumped at sea in order that no one could make a martyr’s shrine out of his burial site. I’m skeptical that it was Osama bin Laden that was killed because this is about the eighth time he’s been killed. Is the man in the picture Osama bin Laden? We only have the American government’s word that it is, and they've been known to lie to cover up events before.

However, to ensure our disgust and revulsion of Osama bin Laden and complete the public degradation ceremony that is so necessary to keep the War on Terror alive, we have been told that he was a pornography addict. The Navy Seals reported that they found a ‘fairly extensive’ collection of electronic pornography, and according to officials ‘the discovery of pornography taken during raids on Islamic militants is not uncommon.’ What better way to fire up our revulsion for our Islamic enemies? Can you visualize Osama’s 6’6 frame, hunched in front of his television set watching smut and jerking off as he’s having a dialysis treatment?

There are very few men that don’t look at pornography and it wouldn’t be the billion-dollar industry that it is without someone viewing or buying it. I'm sure most of the Navy Seals have some sort of porn on their computers, most of it is created in the west. Many pop videos I see lean towards the pornographic - Rhianna, Madonna, Lady Gaga – these are all smutty crap videos made for the mainstream population (mostly children at that), and it’s not about music however much they like to label it ‘art.’ It’s hypocritical of the western world to be judging Osama bin Laden for porn use when the only purpose, if not the main purpose, of publishing these details is to further justify the expenditure of billions of dollars a year in useless expeditions to hunt out ‘the enemy.’