Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Largest Natural Breasts in the World


Norma Stitz breasts
Norma Stitz

At the checkout counter at the supermarket, I always pick up a People Magazine or a Star Magazine and as I flip through the pages I’m always surprised at how much bigger women’s breasts have become, to the point we’re using letters of the alphabet we’ve never used before to measure their gargantuan dimensions. What do young girls think when they see these pictures?

Who knew, but evidently there’s a contest to see who can grow the world's largest breasts and enter the Guiness Book of Records. The old winner, 28 year-old Brazilian Sheyla Hershey, who currently lives in Houston, Texas, has been superseded by Annie Hawkins Turner, a.k.a. Norma Stitz, a woman with a bra size of a sizzling 102ZZZ. Each of Annie's breasts supposedly weighs 56 pounds, which is the weight of an average 11-year-old child. However, the difference between Sheyla and Annie is that Annie's breasts are real. It's easy to spot the difference because Sheyla's breasts look like basketballs, while Annie's look a little like, well, your grandmother's.

Sheyla Hershey showing off her huge breasts
Sheyla's basketballs

On Sheyla’s website, she lists herself as a singer, dancer, mother, actress, model and wife.  Evidently, she also speaks five languages. She once added  'woman with the biggest breasts in the world’ to her resume,but after eight surgeries in Texas, Sheyla went to Brazil for another and as a result of this operation, developed an infection and her implants had to be removed in order to save her life.

Norma Stitz posing with her huge breasts
a condition known as gigantomastia

Norma, with her natural breasts the size of which are the result of a condition known as gigantomastia, a 'disease of the breast connective tissue that causes excessive growth,' has no intention of downsizing. Why should she? She's made money from those Great Danes by having starred in over 100 fetish films. She loves her breasts, even though they cause numbness in her shoulders if she stands for too long, pain in her legs and back and potential paralysis if she bends over and stands up again in the wrong position. Screw the paralysis, you rock them, Norma!

Norma Stitz on a talk show
Stitz - famous for her breasts