Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Loub Job


Louboutin six-inch high heels

There is a new plastic surgery procedure on the market for those women who want to wear high heels in spite of the pain and discomfort they cause. Beauty before practicality. The procedure is called The Loub Job, named after the six-inch Christian Louboutin high heels that are currently all the rage in Hollywood.

The damage that high heels cause to feet

What is startling is that according to the International Business Times, 'cosmetic foot procedures have doubled in the US over the last year and foot filler requests have increased by almost 21% since last year.' This procedure is being promoted with the slogan 'if pain is beauty then this procedure is something that you should consider.' The procedure involves injecting collagen into the toe pads, heels and balls of the feet which creates a pillow-like result. A 'loub job' takes about twenty minutes, lasts about six months and costs around $500.

The picture below is of Victoria Beckham's feet in her Christian Louboutin high heels. This is a woman who is seen as a fashion icon around the world.

High heel shoes cause damage to feet

Victoria Beckham's feet. Note the bunions and deformed toes. Is it worth it, Victoria? We need to ask ourselves as women: Are we moving forward, or are we going backwards?

Victoria Beckham's bunions on her feet

This Chinese woman's foot is a result of foot binding, a practice that saw women break the bones in their feet and then bind them tightly in order to have small dainty feet. Most women couldn't walk. We criticized this barbarity, but aren't today's women self-mutilating in order to be beautiful?

Chinese woman's foot after being bound