Friday, September 21, 2012

Demi Moore Scary Skinny


Demi Moore at a partyDemi Moore is scary skinny these days.  Where will she end up?  Her legs are like straight-pins and the blobby kneecaps she did up for $50,000 in order to keep Kutcher around are all shot to hell.  She does not have an ounce of fat on her body.  What I don't understand is why her kids have chosen this time to distance themselves from her.  It certainly did come crashing down in a hurry, from one big happy extended family mugging for photographers, to major implosion.  She is having a hard time letting go of Ashton and the latest photos of him with his latest girlfriend can't help.  I hope she gets over him soon.   

Demi Moore being hugged by Ashton KutcherDemi and Ashton made a cute couple for a long time.  Photographs showed them gazing adoringly into each other's eyes as they held hands at movie premieres.   When posing with the rest of the clan, which included the three daughters with Bruce Willis, it seemed as if a tight family bond had been formed.  Kutcher, Willis, and his second Demi Moore look-a-like wife, frequently got together in support of their daughters and step-daughters.  The girls adored Ashton and looked up to him, even though he looked more like their older brother than their step-father.
Demi Moore with her family and Ashton Kutcher We all wondered when Demi Moore's marriage to Ashton Kutcher was going to tank.  Right from the beginning it had all the earmarks of failure, since it is challenging for any woman to keep her younger man interested, let alone an older actress married to a successful, young actor in a snake pit called Hollywood.  Think of all the women Ashton had swooning and throwing themselves all over him 24/7.  All the young women.

Demi Moore looking very very skinnyThere had been rumors about his infidelity, but nothing that stuck to the wall.  As a result of her insecurity with aging, Demi was open about the money she was spending on plastic surgery in order to stave off the inevitable.  For a while, she looked the same age as Ashton and for a while, the 16-year age gap seemed to close.  In fact, Demi looked better than her daughters.  However, Hollywood success also entails long periods of separation while couples promote their various movie and television gigs. His career is on the upswing but hers, well? 

The couple's marriage seemed to prove all the age-phobic skeptics wrong and for a while, it looked like it was going to last. Then a nubile, 22-year-old happened, along with a hot tub, too much vodka, and unprotected sex.   Instead of celebrating his anniversary with Moore, Ashton was boffing Sara Leal.  I wonder what their pillow talk was about?    How humiliating that was for Demi

Now we have the recent photographs that have shown her anorexic physical decline.  Moore has only broken her silence once to give an interview to her good friend Amanda de Cadenet at Harper's Bazaar Magazine and although she didn't discuss her divorce, she did make an interesting self-observation. 
She said, 'what scares me is that I'm going to ultimately find out at the end of my life that I'm really not lovable, that I'm not worthy of being loved. That there's something fundamentally wrong with me...and that I wasn't wanted here in the first place.'  
Demi Moore as a model

 When you look back on her childhood, it is easy to see why she would say those words.

Demi Moore's father abandoned her mother when she was two months pregnant with Demi, so she never knew her real father (although he did briefly reunite with her mother before she died of cancer in 1998.)  After Demi's father left, her mother re-married and went on to have two more sons, but the marriage was a disaster marked by addiction and physical abuse.  Her step-father also changed jobs so frequently that by the time Demi was a teenager, she had moved more than two dozen times. Coupled with this, Demi suffered from a dysfunctional kidney and seriously crossed eyes which were only corrected after two surgeries.   In 1980, after Moore left to find success as a model in Europe, her stepfather committed suicide and her volatile relationship with her alcoholic mother deteriorated even further and they remained estranged until her mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 1998. 

Demi Moore high school graduation picture
high school photo
 Growing up in such an environment, there was little love and attention directed towards Demi and her two half-brothers.  Many children blame themselves for the disappearance of a parent, that they are the cause of the absence, that their actions are somehow  responsible, that there is 'something fundamentally wrong with me.'   Her alcoholic step-father never represented any role model nor offered physical and mental support, and she suffered psychologically not only from the abandonment of her father, but also from her mother's lack of response.  Demi and her half-brothers were probably an after-thought to their parents.   'I wasn't wanted here in the first place,' she said.   

A child might view herself as the cause of the conflict between parents, the person responsible for the chaos, therefore believing that  'I'm not worthy of being loved,'  as Demi said.  A sense of self-worth and a sense of belonging to a family unit, so important for a child's development, was not gifted to Demi, and fame in itself doesn't create self-love but its opposite - insecurity and perfectionism, hence her need for plastic surgery to bolster her sense of acceptance and self-worth.  Her current almost anorexic states embodies her wish to disappear.  

I feel compassion for Demi Moore and I hope she sticks around for a few more years.  Evidently, she's going to a hypnotist to drive Ashton out of her mind, but perhaps the hypnotist could also affect her into wanting men over 40 years old.   She deserves love, and if she could just lose the 25-year-old toy boys, she just might find it.