Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sinead O'Connor is Fine

Sinead O'Connor is all over the news. Is it because she recorded a new music video? Is it because she went on a talk show and burned another picture of the Pope? Did she adopt a baby from Somalia? Run after her husband with a knife? Or is she in the news because she did a concert with the New Messiah Bono? No, none of the above.

It's wa-a-a-ay more important than any of those frivolous reasons. No, Sinead O'Connor is all over the news because she had the nerve to get on stage while looking like a beached whale. She had the nerve to GAIN WEIGHT and TURN UGLY! Have you seen that cow lately? What was once gorgeous is now a load of blubber. Of course it’s not about her talent, as a woman it's all about how horrible she looks. The headlines: 'Can you believe this is Sinead O'Connor!' and 'Shocking Body Transformations,' with pictures that show her stomach hanging over her gut. And there are so many pictures of her gut online, too. Who does she think is by going on stage while she has a gut?

It’s all about fashion and weight with celebrity women, and with all the fashion forward diets and anorexic models and actresses, I'm not surprised the headlines are just about Sinead O'Connor's weight gain. Yet, it's not as if she weighs 250 pounds, she has perhaps put on 15 to 20 lbs. (10 kg) since her wonder days as the beautiful, bald-headed rebel out of Ireland. Why are we crucifying women who are just aging? Did we expect her to look like she did at 20 when she's 40? What's wrong with our society that we can't get on board with normal body weights? Women are getting thinner and thinner. Have you checked out Heidi Klum lately? Her chest bones are jutting out through her skin. Why does anyone wonder little girls are anorexic when these are their role models. Leave Sinead O’Connor alone! She’s perfect the way she is!