Thursday, December 19, 2013

Terrorism - Made in America


drone aircraft in the sky

It may seem that I hate the U.S. with my endless critiques on American society and politics, but it's not the case. I lived in America for two years, traveling and camping out in almost every state. I loved the diversity of the land and the generosity and friendliness of the people, people who would knock themselves out to help you. My complaint rests with the fact that not enough Americans are digging beyond the mainstream newspaper headlines to discover the political truths about their government. The truth can't be found in the general media, including what could arguably be called America's most important newspaper, The New York Times.

Afghans protesting drone attacksThe few journalists who do dare to write honestly and in depth about American foreign policy, are marginalized.

Imagine a foreign army marching into Washington, D.C. and overthrowing the government saying 'we don't like Obama, he's a drug dealer or he's undemocratic.' Yet these are the same reasons the American government has given for years for sending in its powerful military forces (or arming guerrilla armies to do the work) into numerous countries around the world - financing coups, ignoring murder and creating famine and despair. In other words - sponsoring state terrorism.

Pakistanis burning the American flag
Anti-Americanism growing
When America illegally invades other countries and destroys them, they market it to the American people as an unfortunate part of the peace process and/or creating a democratic constituency. However, when foreign countries illegally invade other countries, it's an expansion of communism or terrorism. How else can we define the drone strikes that have been carried out by the American military? Terrorist activities, or, the illegal entry of a foreign military into sovereign territory for the sole purpose of creating terror. The latest drone attack in Yemen, as well as the many attacks in Pakistan, is proof of that after numerous innocent victims were killed while attending a wedding party. It's a reminder of the wedding party that was mistakenly shot up in Iraq in 2004 leaving many dead and wounded. The U.N. is ineffective and in tandem with that, so is the World Court. This latest drone attack in Yemen should be condemned and is doing nothing towards creating a peace process, but furthering the cause of creating more enemies and hatred towards the U.S. The world doesn't need terrorism that is made in America, or from any other country for that matter.