Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Circumcision - Male Genital Mutilation

Ryan Heydari
Ryan Heydari smiling
There are so many tragedies happening in the world; however, there are individual tragedies that are just heartbreaking and that's the story of John Heydari and his wife Homa Ahmadi from Toronto, Canada. The couple immigrated to Canada 12 years ago from Iran and in January 2013 Ahmadi gave birth to a healthy baby boy. He was a 'boy who loved attention, cried relatively little and seemed to actually smile. He gave us the most amazing moments of our life,' said Ryan’s mother. After he was born, the parents didn't want to have him circumcised, but were persuaded by a family doctor to have the operation on their son, but as a result of bleeding, the baby died 10 days later. As a result of inept aftercare, he bled to death.

This unnecessary and risky operation should be put to rest, it's not needed in Canada. It's a barbaric practice and historically has been done without anesthetic. Babies don't feel pain! This idea has been the normal thinking in medicine for hundreds of years. Imagine not giving a baby anesthetic and then cutting off a piece of him and discarding it.It doesn't make sense, and now this couple is left to feel guilty forever for allowing this to happen. We want to put an end to female genital mutilation, it's also time to put an end to male genttal mutilation.