Thursday, May 24, 2018

I mentioned in a previous post the women who stand by their husbands no matter what the cost in humiliation to themselves or their family - Dottie Sandusky defending her pedophile husband, Hillary Clinton balking at Bill's philandering and raping, John Edward's long-suffering wife. And who can forget Ted Haggard's weepy confession?

However, the most deluded and cantankerous of all of is Camille Olivia Cosby, who refuses to give up on her husband Bill, even after he has been found guilty in a court of law to raping and assaulting dozens of women. He is now awaiting his sentence at home, in the luxury of his Pennsylvania mansion, as she continues to lash out at not only his female accusers, but fellow actors who worked with Bill who haven't stood behind him.

Camille Cosby married Bill when she was 20 years old and was with him through his breakthroughs as a black actor and comedian in the white man's world, with him through the years for accolades, awards and honorary degrees. Why wouldn't she defend him, she's been locked in as his manager and look-away wife as he's dallied with other women through the years. She knew he was unfaithful, but did she know he was drugging and raping?  Perhaps not. But Camille, it's time to wake up and ditch that piece of **** serial rapist because you, too, will wind up a prisoner, sharing in his sentence and his public shame, with a legacy of disgust left behind.