Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Jesse James Sandra Bullock
Jesse and Sandra
Everyone was shocked with the Tiger Woods scandal that rocked the sports world two years ago, and Tiger Wood’s career doesn’t seem to have recovered since then. Tiger lost lucrative endorsements, paid out $100 million to his ex-wife Elin Nordegren, and is now ranked number eight in the world of golf. Not too long after that, the Jesse James/Sandra Bullock scandal rocked the entertainment industry. Now,we have a similar scandal unfolding, with that of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver. Evidently, there were multiple affairs conducted by Arnie that have yet to be uncovered, according to one woman who had a fling with him,but in Arnold’s case, very few people will be surprised if the numbers hit triple digits.

Michelle McGee
Michelle McGee
When the Tiger Woods debacle was in the headlines,Sandra Bullock made fun of him at the People’s Choice Awards, stating that she, too, had slept with Tiger, inferring that, hello, there wasn’t a woman on the planet who hadn’t, but it wasn’t too long after making that crack that she had her own lurid scandal to face. She discovered that her husband, Jesse ‘the Vanilla Gorilla’ James, had been cheating on her with Michelle McGee, a gaudy tattoo model that had sex with Jesse numerous times on his desk at his garage/hangout/television studio. According to McGee, James had given her the impression that his marriage with Sandra was over, and that they weren’t together anymore.

The Sandra Bullock/Jesse James scandal was not on such a grand scale as the Tiger Woods drama, simply because of the breadth of Tiger’s celebrity - he’s a huge world star - so the extent of his deception took everybody by surprise, evidently, most of all his wife. Many people had never even heard of Jesse James before his infidelity to Sandra. However, these stories all have the same plot: the cuckolded wife discovers that her husband has been carrying on multiple affairs, she moves out or she kicks him out, they issue a joint statement to the press about how they need their privacy at this difficult time and then the denouement - the divorce. At some point, the husband usually issues a lame apology for his insensitive behavior that has hurt not only his wife and children, but his adoring fans. This has been the scenario up to now for most of these cheating bums, including the political wives duped by their husbands. All except for Jesse, who, instead of being a gentleman and moving on with his life, is currently mouthing off about America’s princess.

After the scandal involving Michelle McGee broke, Jesse James was very contrite about how he had hurt Sandra, issuing apologies, saying she was the most wonderful woman in the world, that he was a cad, that she was America’s sweetheart, while he had become one of the most hated men in America. He went on to do a candid interview with a major American network, even gluing on tears as he related the story of the abuse he had suffered at the hands of his father and how that had created a disbelief in himself as a loveable human being. He even voiced his skepticism that Sandra could actually love him. At this point, everyone thought Jesse was headed for either some deep introspection or a nervous breakdown. So what happened?

Why is he now deprecating Sandra in every interview he gives? Is he trying to sell his memoir, and without Sandra as the central figure in the story, no one would buy it? He has said other things, such as his not seeing the son they adopted together had hurt him, and how her refusal to see his daughter, whom she had fought to get custody of in court, had hurt his daughter. His comments have become increasing caustic with each interview that he gives.

Jesse James Kat Von D
Jesse/Kat Von D
One of the latest Jesse jibes towards Sandra was his insinuation that Kat Von D, a tattoo artist and his current fiancĂ©, is better in bed, more of a sexual dynamo, leaving the impression that Sandra was a pretty dull gal between the sheets. Readers were shocked that he would be crass enough to talk about his and Sandra’s sex life together, but rather than issue an apology, he piled it on. He criticized the love and gratitude she heaped on him at awards shows they had attended before their split. Her words were ‘phony,’ and she was a good ‘actress.’ In an interview with Piers Morgan, he said that Sandra ‘said that same speech at four different awards shows. You saw two of them, so… You can take whatever you get out of it.’

Typical of the narcissist that blames everyone else for their problems, he now views himself as the victim, as the one who has been wronged. The tide has turned and it is Sandra’s fault that Jesse ran around with tattoo models. She was the one that drove him into the arms of other women because she was busy making movies. Accordingly, Sandra’s gushing praise of him at the four awards shows they attended together meant nothing. She was just a great actress, a phony putting on a superb performance and now he is relieved not to be around all the fake people in Hollywood with whom he had previously associated.

When Jesse James did a 30-day workout at a Tucson treatment center to work on childhood and anger management issues, he told ABC News that his marriage ending ‘was like a lesson to work on myself and fix what’s wrong with me,’ so he wasn’t going to ‘transfer it and keep it going, like [his] parents did.’ Well, he needs more therapy because he’s still angry and he’s still acting like a child. His 30-day workout was not long, nor deep enough to really settle his issues.

Personally, I’m sick of hearing from Jesse James and I wish he would just take his chopper, his tattoos and his empty-headed bimbo Kat Von D down to Encenada, Mexico and blend with the natives down there.