Thursday, October 4, 2012

Arnold Schwarzenegger Biography


Arnold Schwarzenegger posing his biceps
The Arnold Schwarzenegger biography came out in October and now the most maniacally egotistical person in Hollywood is in the news again.  In the book, he goes into his version of events that led up to his and Maria Shriver's separation, when Maria confronted him at a therapy session he believed he was attending in order to deal with their new life out of the public eye.  He admitted that the kid was his and after, attempted to stop Maria from leaving him with the assurance that she was the 'perfect wife' and she still 'turned him on.'   I wonder if he also told her she had a great ass.  

The housekeeper had Arnie's child only four weeks before Maria delivered her youngest child, but it was only after fourteen years of mini look-alike Arnie racing around the house that Maria confronted him about the offspring.  It was impossible for Maria to ignore and too callous of Arnie to deny.  A few weeks after the truth was out, Maria's father died and at the funeral she spoke about her Dad, saying his greatest accomplishment was 'teaching her brothers how to treat a wife.'  Unfortunately, her mother didn't teach her daughter how to treat a husband. Which is, don't pretend you don't know about his philandering and throw the bum out.    

Arnold Schwarzenegger's father as a NaziRumours about Arnold circulated for years starting with his marijuana use, his misogyny, his inflated ego, his womanizing, his sadistic sense of humor and his Nazi father.  According to Ian Halperin, who wrote an unauthorized biography of Arnold, he was also selling steroids to other bodybuilders for a profit.   According to Halperin, he was also ambitious, arrogant, and his marriage to Maria was a deliberate upward-mobility ploy.  What better way to advance a career (public or private) than marrying into one of America’s most powerful political families?   Poor Maria, it's a little late to regret her marriage to one of the most selfish creeps in California. 

Schwarzenegger's son with ArnieI feel sorry for Maria and Arnie’s four kids as they not only have gone through the unraveling of their parents' marriage, but now have to suffer through the embarrassing publication of their father's latest revelations.  The family are said to be heartbroken over it.  They now have more sordid information to digest about their wayward father.  It's enough they were informed they had a new half-brother born of their trusted and beloved housemaid, who slept with Arnold in Maria’s marital bed, the housemaid who wore Maria’s gowns and jewelry while she was at work.  Imagine Arnold giving it to her while she was all decked out a la Maria.   It was said at the time that more of his scattered DNA were ready to climb out of their cribs and start bawling, but we haven't heard anything from them yet.  According to family friend Jane Seymour, who traveled in the same social circles as the Schwarzeneggers, there were two more children (that she knew of) that had yet to be introduced to their half brothers and sister, and that there were more mistresses getting out of bed to tell their tales.  

Schwarzenegger with his arm around Brigitte Neilsen
In all this, I don't feel that much sympathy for Maria.  For one thing, for months just before Arnie married her he carried on an affair with his co-star Brigitte Neilsen, which she suspected because he didn't hide it.  She asked him about it and he denied it.  Duh!  Also, when 16 women came forward in 2003 to complain about Schwarzenegger’s rude and obscene behavior by groping, grabbing and using barnyard gestures towards them, Maria pooh-poohed their testimonies and said her husband was one of the most truthful, honest, and intelligent men she had ever known.  He had the 'character to govern.'   She saved his career as this was right before his election.  At the time, she felt her support was unappreciated.   I bet she's wishing she could eat all those words now.