Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Octogenarian Restores Priceless Painting


Elias Garcia Martinez's painting repainted

This had me laughing all day. A fresco by Spanish painter Elias Garcia Martinez, seen above, which had hung in a Spanish church for more than 120 years, got an unexpected makeover last week by an octogenarian who took it upon herself to restore the painting. A spokesman for the church said: 'The church is always open because many people visit and although there is a guard, no one realised what the old woman was doing until she had finished.' The original painting, above, suffered some rain damage at the church and was due for restoration. The painting, as seen below, is as it was when the woman took it off the wall and started her restoration.

Money had been donated to Spain's Centro de Estudios Borjanos by the artist's granddaughter and the institute had planned to spend this money on restoring the fresco. A spokesman for the center said: 'The value of the original work was not very high, but it was more of a sentimental value.' Art historians are furious that the woman took it upon herself without any authorization to restore the painting; however, the church may also want to rethink the guard who was sleeping on duty.

The painting is going to be assessed next week to see whether it can be saved. What are the chances?

Martinez's painting destroyed by octogenarian