Saturday, April 27, 2013

Bombing Afghanistan


The world learned about the two bombings in Boston last week because when a bomb happens in America, it's world news. And if you're not wearing either a cowboy hat or a baseball cap, you better get your Muslim ass to the nearest mosque and give it up to Allah that you don't get tear-gassed, arrested and sent to Guantanamo. It's a sad affair when bombs are set off anywhere, including America, but when it happens in the U.S., it usually turns into one of those 'where were you when.........' moments.

Will I remember where I was when the bombs went off in Boston? Probably not. And I'll put my life on it that very few Americans will remember where they were three weeks ago when American bombs killed innocent children in Afghanistan.

dead Afghan babies lined up on the ground

Most Americans are kept in the dark about Iraq through its ineffectual press, particularly about the crisis faced in Iraq due to the widespread use of depleted uranium (which is also harming American GIs). A despicable subject some would say - leave it alone. But why don't we see more photographs like this in the American media? Photographs and information that would give Americans an accurate assessment of how the American invasion has decimated the Iraqi people, the same way napalm and Agent Orange destroyed large swaths of Vietnam and its people forty years ago, people who are still being affected by it today and which America will take no responsiblity for. Chemical weapons you say, in Syria?

headless bodies of deformed children in Iraq

The American media is part of the propaganda machine, indoctrinating those who don't discriminate the belief that America is a cause for good in the world because America is delivering freedom and democracy around the world with the help of their policy-laundering operation, NATO. Americans invaded Iraq because Saddam had weapons of mass destruction and was threatening the world - lie. Americans went to war with Vietnam because the Vietnamese attacked them in the Gulf of Tonkin - lie. Americans toppled a duly elected Iranian President because he was a Communist - lie. Now Fox News, a branch of the government's propaganda public relations department, is spreading the same lies about chemical weapons in Syria. After Syria - Morocco - a powder keg ready to blow, and when that one goes, it's going to be ugly.

bodies of dead childen on the ground in Syria