Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Greatest Actor in the World - Shah Rukh Khan


Tom Cruise smirking and laughing
Tom Cruise was once the most powerful actor in the world, but his career and popularity has plummeted over the last decade as a result of his alliance with Scientology and nutjob David Miscavige and his relationship with a 4th-tier, sartorially-challenged girlfriend named Katie Holmes, whom he later went on to marry and have an alien child with - Suri Cruise. The final nail in Tom's coffin, however, wasn't the leaping on Oprah's couch, nor the leaked video of his pep talk on 'getting clear' for Scientology 101 students, but the ridiculously bad haircut he sported after he married Katie. Tom is over as a world star.

Brad Pitt with scruffy beardTwo other Hollywood stars, George Clooney and Brad Pitt, are worn out and lost their luster years ago. Who could ever take serial dater George Clooney, our modern day Rock Hudson, seriously. The last movie I saw George in he was playing a married father who had recently lost his wife. It was supposed to be a sad film, but I laughed all the way through it. George? Married? With children? It should have been hailed as a comedy. As for Brad Pitt - well, go smoke another joint and apologize to Jenny. Oh, he's likeable, in an armwrestle-with-your-brother type of way, but not world class movie star material with those baggy pants, unwashed t-shirts and scraggly beards he brings to every movie premiere. The only thing that looks good on him is Angie.

Shah Rukh Khan with shirt and tie
Living in a country filled with Indians, I get to see many Bollywood movies advertised or playing in various locations around town. Some of the most stunningly beautiful women I've ever seen (and men) are to be found in a Bollywood movie and the one man who stands out above all others in my estimation is Shah Rukh Khan. Not only can he do serious drama, but he can sing and dance, better than the gay-masquerading-as-straight bathroom fixture John Travolta. Khan has a great body, a wonderful smile and he's sexier than George, Brad and Tom put together. You can keep your deadbeat Hollywood 'heartthrobs,' I'll take Shah Rukh Khan.
Shah Rukh Khan posing with muscle shirt

Shah Ruhk Khan dancing