Thursday, February 26, 2015

Necrophiliac Jimmy Savile

It doesn't get much sicker than the loathesome Jimmy Savile. We are finally seeing the depths of how deeply depraved, disturbed and despicable he was with the publishing of the final report by NHS and the Department of Health in relation to hospice/hospitals premises in which Jimmy Savile kept rooms and worked. The number of hospitals involved and the number of assaults and rapes are too numerous to mention, but what is clear from the report is that Savile had free reign in all of these hospitals to commit his atrocities on children and vulnerable young women and boys simply because of his star status and fundraising capabilities.

After Savile's death in 2011, reports started to trickle in about his behavior until it became a full-blown investigation with the inception of Operation Yewtree on the 5th of October 2012. By that time, 600 people had come forward, providing investigators with information and allegations as to Savile's crimes, with many of the crimes being 'opportunistic in nature.' The NHS Report states that '73 percent of the cases reported involved individuals under the age of 18 years. The age range given for victims at the time of the abuse were between 8 and 47 years. 82 percent of the victims were female.'

What is remarkable is the number of times he was reported and the number of times victims were ignored or told to be quiet about the incident. The nurses despised him and he was referred to as 'that pervert' who smelled of cigars and body odor. His sexual innuendos were well-known around the hospital. Why wasn't he stopped? In some cases, patients were not believed and told they were making the story up. 'Victims felt unable at the time to report Savile's behavior...because they feared they would not be believed as Savile was seen as being a powerful and influential figure.' One staff member at Stoke Mandeville Hospital who complained about Savile was 'severely reprimanded' and the complaint was dropped. This seems to be the case with many victims of sexual assault as seen with Bill Cosby's detractors, who say that the victims in his case are making it up in order to blackmail him for money.

I have written about Jimmy Savile before and I had hinted that Jimmy was probably a necrophiliac because he was suspiciously enthusiastic about ferrying dead people to the morgue. So I'm not surprised to read that he was seen having sex with a dead body, as reported by several witnesses. 'On one night in the 1970s, a night porter saw Savile wheeling the dead body of a child into a morgue.' Another witness, a therapist, said he was told that Savile 'had been seen trying to have sexual intercourse with dead bodies in the hospital mortuary,' and a nurse also recounted his activities at the mortuary. This activity went on for years. I won't use the word 'evidently' anymore because not only did he screw dead bodies, but he also robbed them of their eyeballs and made jewelry out of them. He boasted that the rings he wore were 'made from the glass eyes of dead bodies at the mortuary.'

Police are now investigating Savile for murder and I wouldn't be surprised if they come up with more shocking discoveries. Afterall, he was friends with Peter Sutcliffe. Stay tuned, the horror that is Jimmy Savile is not over yet.